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TRX Tuesday: Step Back & Balance Lunges

I used to do #TRXTuesday features all the time. So a few weeks ago I decided to bring it back w/ a little change — audio cueing. I figured it would be good practice for my presentation skills (and editing skills), both of which are useful for my daytime & extracurricular jobs. So — welcome to the revamped TRX Tuesday, where I’ll take you through a #TRX move in one minute or less!

First, this week: TRX Step Back & Balance Lunges. Strap should be mid-length, and you’ll be standing up facing your anchor point.

For the step-back lunge (great option for TRX newbies or those with lower joint issues): Start with feet under the hips, elbows under the shoulders, neutral grip. Pick your base leg (right leg shown here), shift your weight to it, and then step back w/ the opposite leg, lowering down into a full lunge with the back toe on the floor.

Cues to use: tall posture, use the straps to help keep your chest up (avoiding a large hinge in the hips). Knees should both be roughly 90 degrees. Arms should be fairly extended. Drive through the front foot as you stand up, bringing the opposite knee up if you can (otherwise, tap foot to floor).

To make this a balance lunge, just keep your back toe OFF the floor when you step back into the lunge. Instant advanced mod! Watch your hip hinge if you do these — people tend to immediately drop their chest toward the floor in an effort to stay balanced, but you want to keep the same tall posture, same degree of bend in the knees, & same arm extension up top (no “hugging” your arms in close — avoid a death grip on the handles).

I like sets of 8 or 30 seconds per leg for these. Give ’em a try & remember that ***form is everything***!

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