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TRX Tuesday: Chest Press

Your #TRXTuesday this week: the #TRX chest press. Straps are fully lengthened & you’ll be standing up, facing away from your anchor point.

This move resembles a push-up. Hands on the handles, palms down, just wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands more down by your chest and less up by your shoulders — your elbows will not be pointing directly out 90 degrees from your body, but more like 45 degrees or so back and down. This takes stress off the shoulders & prevents impingement, while keeping the work more where we want it — pecs (& triceps & anterior delt). Your range of motion (ROM) will also be greater.

Once your hand are in a push-up position with elbows bent & tension on the strap, come up on the balls of your feet and hit a strong plank. This is a major CORE exercise as well! Keep your elbows in that push-up position (we call it ‘setting your end point’) and start walking your feet back to the anchor. You’ll feel your muscles heat up with tension. When the tension feels like it’s enough, stop your feet and work the press. Push yourself up & lower the whole body down with control.

Cues to use: Maintain the plank (no sagging or flexing at the hips). Staying on the balls of the feet will help this. Squeeze your glutes. Keep your chin away from your chest. Make sure the straps aren’t “scraping” your arms. Watch and make sure the hands don’t drift too far in front of you, or too wide. A little shaking in the upper body is normal, but if you’re shaking too much, take a step away from the anchor & reset.

Try these for 45 seconds, or a nice slow set of 10. If you’ve added on enough of your bodyweight, you’ll feel it!

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