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TRX Tuesday: Properly adjusting the TRX straps

This week’s TRX Tuesday: Properly adjusting the straps*. It may seem a bit silly to have a how-to video for this, but I see people struggling to take the straps up or down and just yanking on them until the buckle gives on a near-daily basis. TRX straps are very hardy, but this sort of improper adjustment (especially with heavy daily use) causes a lot of friction, which contributes to the fraying and undue wear & tear on the strap. And once they are very frayed, they become even harder to adjust!

In a nutshell: the TRX straps have two pull tabs and two cambuckles. To lower the straps (I prefer to do both at the same time to keep them even), you should first “loosen” the buckles by holding them around the sides and pulling them halfway down (the buckle will be roughly horizontal, parallel to the floor). Keep them in this loosened position, THEN pull straight down. Smooth and easy!

To raise the straps (which you have to do one at a time), you will similarly loosen one buckle, then grab your pull tab and lift straight up. I often see people just grab the tab and pull as hard as they can without loosening ttheĀ buckle — yes, you will eventually raise the strap but it’s much harder and has added a tremendous amount of unnecessary friction to the strap. Loosen those buckles first, and you’ll be able to make your workouts more efficient (save time adjusting straps in between moves) along with sparing our popular straps an untimely retirement!

So… What about strap length? Why do we raise/lower the straps? There are reasons we teach certain moves at certain strap lengths, but that’s a different video for another day!


*I should note that this applies to the more recent version of the black & yellow (or pink) TRX suspension trainers. There are older versions that have buckles you push before lowering/raising, and the TRX tactical straps (camo/green) have buckles that you have to pull all the way down to adjust, not just halfway.

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