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Adding CLX to my workout program

I’ve been tempted to try one of these 90-day programs before, because I like to try and change up my workout every few months — change helps you avoid plateaus. But I’ve literally never had the time to add anything to my schedule. I have been teaching so much for the gym, and the types of classes I’ve taught in the past (like Triple Fit, Urban Iron, Minute Mayhem) always had so much muscle work that I didn’t feel like I would ever have time to let my muscles rest if I tried to incorporate yet another toning program.

However — with the LAF change, my class load is down a bit, and I’m only teaching UI once a week (Saturdays), and taking PiYo on Thursday nights. Everything else is cardio — so I figured it was a good time to try something new. Enter Chalean Extreme.

If you’ve already received your DVD set, you see that there is a calendar inside, listing each workout in order. Every day is accounted for. If you are someone who has never worked out, or who plans to do this program exclusively, then following the schedule won’t interfere with a previous fitness schedule.

For me, it will take a little finessing, and I will have to skip a workout or two — but I think it should work out in a similar fashion. Here is a PDF version of the first month’s calendar. I’ll talk briefly about the workouts.

  • First, there are three Burn Circuits, which are your super heavy weightlifting days — these are the most important to me, because heavy weights are what I’m focusing on here. Each BC is going to work different muscle groups, and they’re separated so that you have some days of muscle rest in between.
  • Next, there is a day of ‘Burn Intervals’ and ‘Ab Burner’ — the Burn Intervals DVD is a 45-minute workout with intervals of cardio plyometric drills and *light* endurance weightlifting. Therefore, it’s a higher calorie-burning workout. The Ab Burner is only about 10 minutes of ab work on the floor.
  • Lastly, there’s the “Burn It Off” and “Recharge” workouts. Burn It Off is cardio only — cardio drills (no real choreo). It’s only about 30 minutes. Recharge is the yoga-inspired stretching workout, and it’s about 20 minutes in length.

Notice that whoever posted this online listed their start day as Sunday — I am choosing Monday as my start day. Therefore, my Burn Circuits (AKA, the truly heavy-lifting days) will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

Thus, “Burn Intervals” and “Ab Burner” would fall on Thursday — but I teach Turbo/PiYo so I will not be doing that one. Turbo has the cardio element and PiYo has the strength endurance element — so I’m covered there.

Then, “Burn It Off” and “Recharge” would fall on Saturday — But since I teach kickboxing and UI Saturday mornings, I’m skipping Burn It Off, and I’m going to move Recharge to Sundays. It’s only 20 minutes, I can do it at home, and it’s not difficult to do so I can still consider Sunday a rest day!

In short, here’s my planned schedule:

Monday: 5:45 p.m. step, followed by Burn Circuit 1.

Tuesday: “Rest” day — although I know I will be filling in as a sub for classes from time to time.

Wednesday: Burn Circuit 2 in the evening after work. I may be getting a 6:45 p.m. spin class on Wednesday nights — therefore I would do BC2 starting at about 5:45-6 o’clock to finish it before spin.

Thursday: 5:45 Turbo Kick & PiYo

Friday: 5:45 Hip Hop Hustle, followed by Burn Circuit 3. We can stay in the Group X room for this!

Saturday: 10:15 Kickboxing / 11:15 Urban Iron

Sunday: Recharge.


Whether I do the Burn Circuits at the gym or at home will probably depend on what else I may or may not have going on that evening — I plan to post in the Facebook group if I plan to do it in the gym, in case anyone wants to join me! But if it looks like I won’t have any time to do it in the evening at all, I’m going to make myself get up in the morning before work and do the circuits.

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