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CLX Month 2 Update — tracking results

Still killing it! Here are my new stats from this month, along with my overall cumulative totals.



Weight: 145 to 142 (-3 pounds) — Total: -11 pounds

Waist: 32.25 to 31 (-1.25 inches) — Total: -2.5 inches

Hips: 41.5 to 39.5 (-2 inches) — Total: -2 inches

Abductors: 41 to 41.25 (+0.25 inches) — Total: -2.75 inches

Chest: 34 to 33.5 (-0.5 inches) — Total: -1 inch

Right Arm: 11.75 to 11.25 (-0.5 inches) — Total: -0.75 inches

Left Arm: 12 to 11.5 (-0.5 inches) — Total: -1 inch

Right Thigh: 23.75 to 23 (-0.75 inches) — Total: -2 inches

Left Thigh: 23 (no change) — Total: -2 inches



-In the last week, I was doing ALL my overhead presses with 18-pound weights — and I started this program doing 12s, and not even making it to 10 with those.

-I finally made it up to 12s for my tricep kickbacks! Pretty major jump for such a small muscle group.

-Was also pleasantly surprised at how much weight I could do for the chest & back circuit at the end of the month. I actually out-grew my home weights for that circuit!



Still going strong here. I am definitely getting hungrier throughout the day, and I’ve started eating more protein throughout the day — light cheese, cashews, almonds, apples with greek yogurt dip, etc. So my caloric intake has been higher overall than last month, but I’m eating what my body needs — protein. I didn’t lose as much weight this month, but that’s too be expected — and obviously the muscle tone is making up for it since I’m down more inches in nearly every category.

But I continued to implement the same practices to keep me from eating too much crap. I made shakeology before going out to big dinners, and it seemed like I had a lot of those last month — they’re always opportunities to eat way too much, so I do what I can to make sure I’m not starving when I get to the restaurant so I don’t overeat. I tried some new recipes, and packed most of my lunches.


Overall Thoughts:

I went through my closet last night and tried on basically every pair of pants in there. They all fit. !!! Some of them are clothes from 2005, 2006, etc — back when I was fresh off the weight loss and at my lowest weight ever. Interestingly enough, I am currently about 10 pounds heavier than my lowest-ever weight — but I’m wearing those same clothes. Muscle tone, baby!!

I’ve had lots of random people come up to me in the gym and comment on how much thinner I look. Which is nice, though it wasn’t my sole goal when I started this program. I really wanted to become stronger, because I could tell I was losing all the strength I’d built up. So I feel like I’ve already gained back what I had and then some. I am regularly doing tricep pushups on my toes — and I could never do those before this program. I really neglected working my shoulders because I hated it, and now I can really feel how much stronger they’re getting, even when I do something as mundane as lift a box to put on a shelf.

So, from what I’ve read online, most people have said that they “really started to see results” in the Lean month. And I’m like, seriously?? I’ve already seen great results, so I’m eager to see how far I can get in this last round.

And if we follow the Lean month for five weeks to make the challenge the full 90 days, guess when it ends? April 7 — my birthday! And for the first time in a long time, I’ll be asking for new clothes for my birthday! 🙂

  • Carrie Johnson says:

    I’m really trying to get geared up for some massive workouts with y’all…and reading this has gotten me so excited! Way to go!!!

    April 4, 2013 at 1:19 pm
    • allisonperry says:

      Yes! The lifting circuits are tough but so rewarding — and I think you’ll be really excited to see the progress week to week, not just in weight loss or inches, but also in your own strength! So glad you’re joining us!

      April 4, 2013 at 1:56 pm

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