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About Me

Based in beautiful Lexington, Ky., I’m a writer and PR pro by day and a group fitness instructor by night. My fitness goals have evolved over the years, from a simple desire to lose weight (see my fitness journey) to focusing more on developing real functional strength and muscle mass, and not worrying so much about the number on the scale. In short: I want to feel happy, healthy, energized, and strong.

I’ve taught literally dozens of fitness formats since I began teaching group fitness in 2008, and you can see a full list of my experience and certifications here. However, in the past few years, I’ve narrowed my focus and training around TRX modalities (suspension and Rip training). I’m proud to say I’m currently the only TRX Rip Qualified Trainer AND the only TRX Certified (just not Qualified) Trainer in Lexington.

So what’s the difference? Anyone can complete a TRX Qualification — it’s just continuing education for fitness professionals, and very important for learning proper cues and form. To earn the TRX Team Certification, I had to attend a full weekend training and pass multiple written and live exams on-site from a TRX master trainer to earn the credential. Only about 1 percent of TRX trainers worldwide have this certification.

I pride myself on teaching a fun and lively class that remains focused on good form and learning to earn your progression so that my clients get the most out of their workouts. I’d love to see you in class sometime — visit my class schedule for more information on trying out a FREE class with me!

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